Cool & Interesting Facts About Italy

Population: 60.6 million
Capital: Rome
Area: 301,340 sq km
Highest Mountain: Monte Bianco (4 810 meters )
National Day: 2. June
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Currency: Euro
Official language: Italian
Religion: Most of Roman Catholic 74.4%
Member of: Nato, Eu
Country Number: +39
Country Code: IT

Italy is a fascinating place, a vacation in Italy can be packed with interesting things to do and see without every running out of activities or amazing sights. Italy is exotic, has great cuisine, thousands of museums, friendly and passionate people and more.  It has become an incredibly popular tourist destination because of the many interesting things to do in the country. You can spend a lot of time in there and still feel as though there is more to see and get to know Italy facts.

The name, Italy, means calf land

The name Italy comes from the word italia, meaning “calf land,” perhaps because the bull was a symbol of the Southern Italian tribes.

Active Volcanoes

Most people don’t think of volcanoes when they think of Italy, but believe it or not, Italy is the only European country with active volcanoes! The three main active volcanoes in Italy are Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius.
Vesuvius is the most studied volcano in the world. Its explosive eruptions can throw gas, ashes and vapors at a very high speed hundreds of kilometers away, which is what happened during the famous eruption in 79 AD which buried the nearby cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum under a cloud of ashes and pumice rocks.
Mount Etna is Europe’s highest and most active volcano. This mountain is located on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, between the cities of Messina and Catania. While recent eruptions have rarely caused serious damage to the farms or villages in the shadow of the volcano, locals remain alert to any activity.
Stromboli is located in Sicily, is the island of Stromboli. Stromboli is the only continuously eruptive and active volcano in Europe, as it erupts every 15 minutes. There exist three active craters at Stromboli’s peak. Eruptions typically happen at the summit craters, and mild to moderate eruptions of luminous volcanic bombs occur at intervals ranging from a few minutes to hours. This kind of eruption is called the Strombolian eruption.

Vesuvius volcano

Stromboli volcano

Mount Etna volcano

Mount Etna is in an almost constant state of activity

Rome, is called the “Eternal City”

The city’s nickname can be traced to an ancient myth, ancient historical writings and the ancient Romans’ beliefs in the greatness of their city. According to scholars, it was the poet Tibullus who made the first explicit reference of Rome as the Eternal City in the 1st century BC. But why is Rome called the eternal city? That’s because ancient Romans believed that no matter what happened to the world or how many empires came and collapsed, Rome would go on forever.

Free Wine Fountain 24/7

The fountain is situated in Caldari di Ortona, a commune in Abruzzo . If you’re a true wine connoisseur, then Italy is here to make all of your wildest fantasies come true, with a 24-hour wine fountain. Edwards explains that the wine fountain came out of a collaboration by a winemaker called Dora Sarchese Vini and an organization that promotes a popular pilgrimage route called the Cammino di San Tommaso, or the “Way of St. Thomas.”The Italian fountain is open to all travelers who find themselves thirsty for a glass of the locally grown, locally made wine, so long as you’re not a “drunkard” or “lout,” of course.

In Italy, 17 is considered an unlucky number

Thirteen is thought of as an unlucky number, but in Italy 13 is a lucky number. In Italy, it is not uncommon to notice that buildings do not have 17th floor, hotels do not have a room 17. The Italian airline carrier, Alitalia, does not have a seat 17. Renault sold its “R17” model in Italy as “R177.” A quick perusal of the record books shows that Italy have played 11 matches on the 17th of a month in the past 30 years. They have won just four. Painful reversals included the agonising World Cup final penalty defeat against Brazil, on 17 July 1994.

The Italian Police use Lamborghini

Italian Traffic Police has couple Lamborghini Gallardo in service. The car has a V10 engine that produces 610 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and a hybrid chassis made of aluminum and carbon fiber.

Pizza was invented in Naples

The wolf is the national animal of Italy

Every country has its national animal that’s considered a symbol of it. In Italy, the wolf is considered the unofficial symbol of the country by the most. The reason why the wolf is considered the symbol of Italy is because the legend says that the twins brothers who founded the city of Rome, Romulus and Remus, were raised by a she-wolf who cared for and protected them from wild animals as she raised them as her own children.

Italy has more hotel rooms than any other nation in Europe

Nobody really knows where Italy got its name

Italy comes from a root word that means “land of young cattle”. Historians speculate that it might be named this because a bull was the symbol of early Southern Italian tribes but some believe that it comes from the name Italus, an early king of the region.

The island Poveglia is one of the most haunted places in the world

Poveglia Island is one of 166 islets in the Venice Lagoon off the eastern coast of Northern Italy. Although it has served various purposes, this place is well-known for its macabre past. Tens of thousands of dead and living Black Plague victims were brought here across centuries. Corpses piled up in pits were burned in large fires. The tiny island is said to have hosted over 160,000 infected souls living out their final days and hours there—so many that there are whispers that 50 percent of the soil consists of human remains. In 2016 five people from Colorado were rescued by Italian firefighters after they decided to spend the night on the famous haunted island of Poveglia, the location of the upcoming movie The Plague Doctor. They reached the island through a water taxi and decided to stay for the night, but as soon the darkness took over a presence started to haunt them, making them scream for help.

The family (la famiglia) is the most important aspect of an Italian’s life

Italian parents generally have a lot of authority over their children throughout their lives. Most Italians seek autonomy and independence, but due to the economic climate, many stay at home for years into their adulthood. Indeed, Italians leave their parents’ home at one of the highest ages in Europe. Italians have frequent family gatherings and enjoy spending time with those in their family. Family ties are respected and Italians spend much of their time enjoying the company of their relatives.

Italy has more earthquakes than the rest of Europe

Every few years, a large earthquake strikes Italy, unleashing what’s now a sad routine: death, emergency rescues, thousands of people left without homes for years, rebuilding efforts, cities emptied of their souls. Italy, compared to its European neighbors, is particular vulnerable to the devastation of earthquakes, due to a combination of three major risk factors: the country’s geodynamics, its architecture, and its culture. The most recent earthquake that had deadly results was back in 1980. This earthquake occurred in Naples and took the life of an estimated 3,000 people.

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