World’s Most Luxurious Prisons

For many years, prisoners have been treated more like an animal than a human. The jail is a punishment for committing crimes. Every country has many prisons. Luxury is the word which has no associated with the prison and most of the prisons located in the world are completely funded by the tax payers and the tax payers of the world don’t want to listen that they are paying their taxes for the comfort and luxury of the prisoners. However things are changing around, they are getting more equal human rights than before. Here are some of the fanciest, most luxurious prisons in the world.

Bastøy Prison, Norway

Like San Francisco’s Alcatraz, Bastøy Island proved to be a prime spot for incarceration where the natural sea barrier prevented any escape. Bastøy prison is the largest low-security prison in Norway. The prison is located at Bastøy island in the Oslo Fiord, belonging to Horten municipality. The prison uses the whole island, but the northern part with the beach Nordbukta is defined as open to the public. It has been called “the Norwegian prison that works” as well as “the world’s nicest prison,” and it’s not hard to see why.

In addition to the prison functions, there is a shop, library, information office, health services, church, school, NAV (government social services), dock, ferry service (with its own shipping agency) and a lighthouse with facilities to let for smaller meetings and seminars.

Forest Bank Prison

Built on the former Agecroft Power Station in Salford, Greater Manchester, HM Prison Forest Bank is an 1364 place Category B Male Local Prison serving the courts of the North-West, accepting remand and sentenced adults and remand young offenders. The prison opened in 2000 and is operated by Sodexo Justice Services.  As part of the overall design, Forest Bank sits in a country park with lake and meadows which are for public use.

HMP Addiewell, Scotland

HMP Addiewell opened in 2008 and is run by Sodexo Justice Services under contract to the Scottish Prison Service. It houses convicted and untried adult males and is situated in the village of Addiewell in the central belt of Scotland between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The prisoners spend 40 hours per a week learning work activities in order to catch up with the outer society.

Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland

Opened in 1977, the main function of Geneva’s Champ-Dollon prison is to hold prisoners before trial and sentencing. Prison have problems with overcrowding, disease and riots. But prisoners in this luxurious prison work the prison farm, and in their free time, they ride horses, go fishing with their buddies, play tennis to stay fit, as well as cross-country skiing.

JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany

This prison is located in Germany; it is mainly for prisoners who are serving long sentences. It is a newly renovated prison, which is looking more like a castle, than a jail. They also have facilities for washers and dryers which are open for the inmates to independently do their own laundry. While they have a predefined sentence and a set date when freedom will be awarded to them, we all are given a lifetime sentence and sometimes many lifetimes to break free from these shackles.

The questions remains, not when will we be free, but do we really want to be free?

Justice Center Leoben, Austria

Located in Styria, Austria. This prison is in a league of its own, more of a get away then a prison.In the Justice Center at Leoben, each prisoner is given a single cell, with a private bathroom, and kitchenette, plus a television. The prison also includes an indoor court and a gym. The prisoners are allowed to wear their own clothes as it, makes it easier for them to re-socialise into the the outside world upon leaving. Three courtyard in total and each communal section has an outdoor living space for the prisoners for social interaction and to walk around.

Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

A women’s prison, Jakarta, Indonesia. Offers bead making classes and karaoke nights. Notable amenities included an air conditioner, refrigerator and karaoke machine. This women’s prison in Jakarta offers everything from bead-making classes to karaoke nights. One business woman called Artalyta Suryani, was living in this luxurious prison. Her unusual prison lifestyle was discovered when a surprise inspection took place, of her cell. She was having plastic surgery at the time, and probably didn’t expect visitors.

San Pedro Prison, Bolivia

San Pedro prison or El penal de San Pedro (Saint Peter’s Prison) is the largest prison in La Paz, Bolivia renowned for being a society within itself. It has self-appointed leaders and entire families living inside.This is less of a prison and more of a community of people who were forced to relocate and live together. This is because the prisoners basically get to make up their own rules and do whatever they like, within reason.

Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand

Otago Corrections Facility was built as part of the Regional Prisons Development Programme (RPDP), when the Government built four new regional prisons to help meet forecast growth in the prison population, to develop prison sites outside urban centres that would encourage local development and employment, and to help maintain family connections for regional offenders. Otago rehabilitates prisoners by teaching them job skills in light engineering, dairy farming and cooking.

Cebu Prison, Philippines

Cebu gained notoriety for its “Thriller” music video. Inmates do sign autographs after live performances. The dance program started as a way to give the prisoners a source of regular exercise, but when they started choreographing complicated routines, and posting videos online, the inmates became internet celebrities. Prisoners get together and choreograph elaborate dance numbers to hits like “Thriller” and “Gangnam Style.”. This program is under the supervision of Byron F.Garcia, who is the leader of the prison.


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